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Ferrari Logistics Japan K.K. - New Safe Deposit Box Service

As corporate, banking and legal industries evolve, so too must Tokyo’s storage security to safeguard the interests of businesses and high net-worth individuals.

Now Ferrari Group, security logistics Company, offers Tokyo its latest storage and logistics solution, our Safe Deposit Solution.
Leveraging its global network providing one-stop solutions for secure logistics management of precious and luxury goods, Ferrari Group’s tailored-made secure storage space in Tokyo offers clients private access to their valuables and documents in prime locations across Tokyo at any time, with 24-hour security; Ferrari can accommodate different objects, from secure pouches for legal papers and documents to art’s items and our Safe Deposit Service offers first class All-Risks insurance coverage for valuables throughout storage during transport.

When time is of the essence, Ferrari Group’s vault will be open for you: Our Safe Deposit Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A professional and efficient pick-up and delivery support is available at your location with a simple phone call.
Absolute Privacy: Guaranteed privacy is a key feature of our Safe Deposit Service; Our vault is secure, discreet and no one has access to your valuables without your express permission. A secure and private room is available to you while retrieving valuables.

Anytime, anywhere: Ferrari Group offers vault access 24 hours a day, seven days a week; Our specialized staff will offer assistance at any time, day or night.
Unlimited capacity: We offer virtually unlimited space solutions suitable for commodities of any type and size.
Comprehensive Insurance: Our All Risks Insurance covers any risk of loss or damage to insured items. Designed expressively for dealers of precious and luxury goods, our all-inclusive insurance provides one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions in the market.

For more information, please contact our Tokyo office at 03-5524-7760 or e-mail

P.S. Please find out in attachment the newsletter in Japanese.


Ferrari Logistics Japan K.K.

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