About the EBC - Trade Policy Advocacy Matters

Why should you get involved in trade policy advocacy by joining the European Business Council in Japan (EBC)?

Japan and its institutions have a complicated structure with a convoluted web of procedures, regulations and laws.  Technical decisions and politics often go hand in hand. The result is a high level of regulatory and non-regulatory barriers, presenting European companies with a major deterrent to business development and investment, and restricting growth potential.

The EBC is structured to help navigate these waters and shape the debate on issues that affect our members and bring about change in the Japanese business environment.  The EBC has the structure, knowledge, experience, and disciplined factual approach to carry out advocacy effectively. A thought leader on trade policy in Japan, the EBC leverages its reputation as a trusted expert organisation in Japan so that its members’ voices are heard in the corridors of power – in both Europe and Japan. 

Successes with advocacy are hard to measure, but the EBC has had its fair share of notable results.  Perhaps our greatest achievement is the start of EU-Japan FTA/EPA negotiations in April 2013. For the past six years, the EBC worked hard to encourage the European Commission and Japan to start negotiations with a key focus on our members’ issues of concern. The EU-Japan FTA/EPA has the potential to eliminate many of the unnecessary non-trade barriers to doing business in Japan, not to mention the numerous tariffs on products, impacting prices, sales, and profits.  The EBC is working alongside the EU negotiators to ensure that as many of our members’ recommendations as possible are included in the final agreement.

The EBC offers your company an opportunity to:

  • Influence the issues addressed in political forums such as the EU-Japan Summit and the EU-Japan bilateral FTA/EPA negotiations
  • Share information on the market and business environment with colleagues in your sector
  • Liaise with the Japanese Government and various regulatory agencies from a neutral position behind the banner of the EBC
  • Promote European businesses in Japan
  • Be a proactive part of change
  • By becoming a committee chairman, take on a leadership role in the advocacy process

If you are interested in joining an EBC committee, please contact the EBC Secretariat for more information or apply online:

Ms. Alison Murray
Tel: +81-3-3263-6225
Fax: +81-3-3263-6223

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